Welcome to Garden of Eden Composting! Our goal is to simplify the process of composting for people who are just too busy to do it themselves. Our natural resources are in danger. We can turn a blind-eye as so many do, or we can recognize that we need to make a change. I want this planet to still be livable for my Grandchildren’s Children, and all future generations after them. If you are concerned about the Earth and want to leave a better place for your future lineage, I ask you to join me in this mission.

Our Service: When you join Garden of Eden Composting you will receive a 5 gallon compost bucket to begin collecting food scraps and other compostable materials. We will assign you a weekly pickup day. Each week you will place your bucket on your porch on your designated day. We will pickup the bucket and replace it with an empty, sanitized bucket so you can continue collecting scraps for the following week.

What Is The Cost:
We provide the bucket and weekly pickup service for only $20/month. (that’s about $5 a week) You probably spend that much in gas, not to mention the time it takes to load all of your recyclables and head to the recycle center. There is no contract and you can cancel your service at anytime. We do ask that you return your compost bucket to us if you ever decide to cancel your service.
NOTE: Price increase will take effect on September 1, 2021, changing the cost to $25/month. Anyone who becomes a member before the increase will be locked in at the $20/month rate for the lifetime of their current membership. (check out our quarterly and annual rates for special discounts)

Service Area: We currently service zip codes 74055, 74017, 74019, 74021, 74070 and 74073 in Owasso, Claremore, Collinsville, Skiatook and Sperry. If you are in a neighboring community not listed, we encourage you to register anyway and we will contact you as soon as we expand to your area.


Facts about Landfills

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Facts about Compost

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Facts about Soil Erosion

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