What To Compost

As a member of Garden of Eden Composting, you are welcome to place any of the listed items in your weekly compost bin. While there may be other items that are also compostable (such as manure), we are not equipped to process those at this time. However, we ARE happy to take your yard waste for no additional cost. Simply bag yard debris separately and set out with your compost bucket on your designated pick up day.

Updated Recyclables:

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Remember: Please do not compost diseased or pest ridden yard debris. Those items need to be trashed so we don’t spread disease or pests to other gardens. Also, please don’t include weeds or grass that still has the roots attached. There is a lot of debate over whether the roots properly decay and break down or if they will re-seed and cause our compost to be a weed-inducing fertilizer. We certainly don’t want that! So, let’s just leave them out, to be safe!

What yard waste CAN you compost? Trimmed foliage from plants (just not diseased), grass clippings (without the root), tree leaves, straw, etc…

Guess what else we’ll take! All those Amazon boxes you know you have. Please don’t send those to the landfill. Can you imagine how many amazon/shipping boxes are in the landfill already? Let us recycle them for you! They make a great carbon product for our compost. Boxes must have all tape, stickers and staples removed and be broken down flat. If you stack these on your porch and put your compost bin and bagged yard waste on top, we’ll know you want us to take them.

If you aren’t sure about an item or if you have questions or concerns, please reach out. And if you follow us on social media, we will be sharing a lot of helpful tips!

If you aren’t currently a composter, it’s only $25 a month for weekly service. You can start making a difference today! We can deliver your starter kit to your front door within 48 hours.

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