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What IS Compost?

Compost is organic material that can be added to soil to help plants grow. Food scraps and yard waste currently make up more than 30% of what we throw away and could be composted instead. Making compost keeps these materials out of landfills where they take up space and releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas that is contributing to global warming and climate change.

I have heard that compost is called “Black Gold”. Why is that?

Compost is full of living organisms. It adds nutrients to the soil, suppresses plant diseases and pests, and aids in water retention. Most organic gardeners use compost in their gardening. This often keeps gardeners from having to use chemical fertilizers. Compost can even be used on lawns to promote lush, green grass and to help prevent soil erosion. Composting is what happens when organic materials decompose in an aerobic environment (which is when air is introduced to the pile). When organic materials are sent to a landfill, this is an anaerobic environment. This means the materials in a landfill are not turned or rotated, no air is introduced. This is how dangerous methane gasses are formed, which is contributing to global warming and climate change.

I live outside your service area but I often travel through Owasso. Is there a drop-off location so I can bring the bucket to you?

YES! If you would like to become a composting member but are outside the service area, you are welcome to make arrangements to do your bucket swap at Dun-Rite Roofing, Inc. located on Highway 20 in Owasso. (116th St N) Arrangements must be made in advance in order to have clean buckets readily available for you. Please email us for more details. (Drop-off service is available at a discounted rate)

I have extra compostables that won’t fit in my bin. What do I do with them?

If you have extras due to yard waste or shredded paper, you are welcome to bag these separately and set out next to your bin and we will gladly take these when we do your weekly bucket swap. You should email or text us in advance so we don’t overlook the additional items. If you find you are filling your bucket with more than food scraps than it can hold, we suggest requesting an extra bucket. You can add an extra bucket for only $5 additional per month.

I don’t have use for compost. Can I have my compost delivered to a friend’s house?

Absolutely! Please have your friend complete our Compost Partner application, you will be able to choose them as the recipient of your compost. If they would not like other members to consider them for compost donations, they can specify on the application.

Where should I leave my bucket for collection?

We ask that you put your bucket on your front porch on your scheduled pickup day. We typically do our bucket swaps in the evenings but during the summer we sometimes come during the day. If it is not possible to leave your bucket by your front door, please let us know and we’ll make arrangements for a different pickup location.

I forgot to set my bucket out for collection. What happens now?

If you receive our reminder text and reply to let us know you forgot to put your bucket out, we can skip you for this week. If we do not hear from you before we arrive at your location, we will still leave you a clean bucket, in case your previous bucket is full. We just ask that you set both buckets out the following week.

Is it possible to get an extra bucket?

Yes! Whether you are filling your bucket before the week ends, or if you just need it because you are having a large gathering, you can request an extra bucket (or more) at a cost of only $5/month. Simply email us to request an additional bucket and we’ll drop off on your next scheduled date (or whenever you request the bucket be delivered) If you are only needing the extra bucket for one month, just let us know and we’ll cancel the additional bucket right away.

I am really interested in composting to reduce food waste and lower my carbon footprint but I’m on a tight budget and can’t afford the service. Do you have any suggestions?

Yes! We are so glad you are thinking about your impact on the Earth. We are more than happy to work with you to create a package that works for your household. We have members that sometimes contribute a little extra each month, just so they can give back to others that can’t afford the service. Please reach out to us via email or you can complete the signup form and include the details in the notes section. We look forward to working with you to create something that benefits everyone!

I don’t think I’ll produce enough waste to need weekly service. Do you have any other options?

Yes! We prefer to pickup weekly because the buckets can get rather smelly if you go much longer than a week without cleaning them out. However, if you think you will mostly be composting carbons (brown materials) and not so many food scraps (which are the greens/nitrogen materials), we would be happy to set you up on bi-weekly pickup for half the price. We have a feeling you’ll find a lot more to compost than you might realize. The EPA estimates more than 30% of food waste is sent to landfills per PERSON, that could’ve been composted. We would prefer if you start out on weekly rotation so you can see how it works. If we see that your bin is pretty empty and it’s mostly non-smelly items, we will be happy to credit you a free month of service and switch you to bi-weekly pickups at that time. Just include a note when you complete the signup form, to let us know you are interested in bi-weekly service.

I am just now learning about the many benefits of compost. Do you have any other resources I could check out to learn more?

Yes we do! We highly recommend you check out resources from the EPA (environmental protection agency), the US Composting Council, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), as well as The Institute for Local Self-Reliance. Below are some great articles:
Backyard Conservation Tip Sheet – USDA
Composting At Home Basics – EPA
Reducing Wasted Food At Home – EPA
Residential Composting during a pandemic – US Composting Council
Composting At Home – An Intro to the Basics – ILSR

Absolutely love the service!!! We’ve had problems composting on our own due to the lack of sunlight our backyard gets. We hate wasting at my house. Our bucket is usually almost full the first day we get a new one! Everyone is super nice and I absolutely love the service!

—Owasso Customer

Shala has been great at getting me started in composting. Her information is relevant and very useful. Even our daughter enjoys putting things in our weekly compost bucket.

-Sperry Customer

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