Our goal is to teach others the importance of sustainable living. We also want to connect with you through all types of gardening.

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Sustainable Coffee?

Hello friends! Are you a coffee drinker, by chance? If you follow us on social media, you may have recently seen our posts about a new discovery. I went to Tucson last month…

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Creating Our Gardens

We have 3 distinct sections in our small backyard garden. (more to come in the future) For now we have our Main Garden right off the back patio. It currently consists of 114…

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Now Recycle Even More With GOEC!

We have great news for all of our Garden of Eden Composting Customers! We will be partnering with Farm Hippie Farmers Market in Collinsville to help collect items they accept, while keeping you…

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Harvesting Sunflowers

Do you love the beauty of tall sunflowers in the corner of a garden? What about sunflower seeds? Do you enjoy eating them roasted? Have you ever grown and roasted your own? It’s…

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Exciting News!

We have a lot of exciting announcements to share with you over the next few days. I hope you will stay tuned as we are working to get everything in place! Make sure…

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